Getting this blog started!

New financial year = new blogging effort! I’m proposing that this blog will be filled with updates on my non work pursuits… so it won’t bore people to tears hopefully 🙂

Just as a reference heres a list of all the things that are currently in my UFO (unfinished objects) pile;

  • Scarf with fingerless gloves attached – This is being knit on the long edge and as I was casting off I dropped a bunch of stitches… so its sitting in my knitting bag waiting for me to pick them up and finish it off. It has a matching hat that I did finish last week but don’t want to give to the recipient until the scarf is done too!
  • Knitted wig – A get well / be happy gift for a sick friend, this is my public transport project at the moment. I’m getting about 8 rows a day done. Should be finished within a week or so.
  • Secret baby project – after my best friend (Clair) gave birth to a baby with GIGANTIC feet last month I pulled apart the teeny little booties I was making and started on something with much more longevity. Its a secret! but once I’m done I’ll post about it.
  • Secret best friend project – After visiting Clair and wondering how she was going to keep crafting after having a baby I thought of a great space and time saver to make for her. Its also a secret and I will be creating a tutorial on how to make one for yourself.
  • Re-organising my office / craft space – This is one that may never be finished! We’ve moved into a house that has a great room that I’ve taken over as MY space and it has a walk in robe that I’m using for storage. I’ll be sure to make notes about any great organisation projects I implement… as well as some decoration stuff.
  • A vintage hexagon quilt – An unfinished project of someone else’s that I bought on Ebay that is now sitting in my closet waiting to be finished. I got a lot of work done on it last year but until I get a new sewing machine this ones going to stay unfinished.
  • A BurdaStyle skirt – I got as far as putting in the zip then my sewing machine died… I may actually hand stitch the hems on this just so I can wear it! I taught myself how to make piping and pockets for this skirt! With winter on its way, skirts are going to make a comeback into my wardrobe! Skirts, tights and boots! A Melbourne girls staple clothing items!

So there you have it. Thats what is in my unfinished pile. I may post about some of the things I did in the last few months as well… depends if I can find some photos or not.


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