Thanking my crafty Nanna

I know when I wrote the big list of all my UFOs that I promised myself I wouldnt start on anything new till I had gotten through it all… but I couldn’t resist a few balls of this lovely shades of blue ‘knit it fast’ yarn at BigW the other day. When I picked it up I immediately knew what I would be making with it… SLIPPERS!

When I was a kid my nan would knit us slippers every winter. When we lived in other states she would send them to our house and we would sift through finding the pair that fit us best… because they weren’t ever made to fit a certain size, she’d just keep knitting them bigger each year.

I haven’t owned a pair in a very long time so when thinking of the pattern I had to try and remember how she made them… I didn’t bother going to my usual sources on the net because my nan never used a pattern! So I just started knitting. I’m part way through the first one and its coming along nicely.

Progress photos will follow sometime soon, when I’ve calibrated my monitor actually, since a friend has mentioned my photos are a bit dark lately.

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