Crafting weekend plans

As the work week comes to an end I start thinking about what I’ll do on the weekend… this usually provides me with a list of more things than I can actually get done but if I do a few of them (I prefer to do the crafty projects than the house cleaning tasks) then I’m happy.

From this weekends list I am wanting to almost finish the secret baby project and sew up the teacozy I made a month ago now! In order to finish the secret baby project I will need a sewing machine… Lucky for me I will be paying off my layby at the Sewing Machine store this week!

I’ve paid for flights to Sydney this week which means I now have a deadline for the Secret Best Friend project. Thankfully the deadline is still 6 weeks away. I’ll be in Sydney from Sept 3 till 9.

Now my love and I are going to Savers! I am thinking of buying woolens to felt since Fern has done a few tutorials on it recently.


2 responses to “Crafting weekend plans

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  2. I’m in the throes of planning a trip to Sydney, too!! Thanks for swinging by my blog! I think you may have just bought a pattern from me, too…?

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