A scarflette to call my own

A few weeks ago I went to a not so secret gathering of craftminded folk at the Handspinners and Weavers Guild in North Carlton.

And even though the gathering wasn’t a secret the K2tog project being organised by the Melbourne Fringe Festival is!!

So TOP SECRET in fact that we all had to take an oath of secrecy before being allowed to know what the project was…

Since then I’ve been steadily working away on my part of the project and am really excited to see it come to fruition! Its going be awesome.

In the meantime though, at work a few people had noticed me knitting during my lunch break and asked if I could teach them… Since my knitting skills are still fairly average I asked around and enlisted the help of some extremely crafty women and now we have a Thursday lunch knitting group.

Each of us in the group is at a different skill level and are working on individual projects at the moment. I’m hoping that in a few weeks I can discuss a group project with them that we can donate to a charity… or sell to raise money for one.

Something that I’ve been working on during these lunch sessions is a scarflette. Just a simple rectangle of a mottled green/grey/purple mix that I worked in seed stitch and finished with an inch or so of plain green then cast off with a picot stitch.

I’m clasping it with an old key that I purchased on Etsy as part of a necklace until I can get to the store and get a button or other pin of some sort.

This weekend I’ve been plodding along on my gift for Clairs baby… which I’m still keeping a secret but I have taken a photo of the materials I’m using as a teaser!

I fell in love with these cheeky monkeys months ago and knew straight away that they’d become a birth present for little Daniel. I’m getting closer and closer to being finished and am hoping to have it done before my trip to visit them in September.

I think that brings me up to date on the craftiness… I’m thinking of a few other things to start working on soon and gathering inspiration. I’m also starting to plan a wedding so there will be plenty of discussion about that soon I’m sure!


5 responses to “A scarflette to call my own

  1. I like the scarflette.

    I have an idea I might know what bub is getting but I won’t guess here 🙂

    Are you going to do lots of the pretties for your wedding yourself?

  2. The bubs pressie is something that I’m hoping will be quite original but funky and cute all the same. Won’t be long till I talk about it though, only 21 days till I go to Sydney. **SQUEE**

    Depending on what we decide to do with the wedding then yes, I will be doing some crafty things… starting with the save the date cards and invitations!

  3. Oooh! I lurv the monkey fabric! So adorable. Are you making a quilt? Stuffed animal? Looking forward to seeing the end product.

    I just bought some new fabric for an as-yet-to-be-determined quilt project. Some days I don’t know what I love more, frosting or fabric/crafting.

  4. What fabric did you get? I’ve been looking at quilting blogger groups to get quilting inspiration for a quilt I want to make for my bedroom…

    In the meantime though I’ve got some great fabrics I’ll be using this weekend… there will be plenty of photos!

  5. If you start a quilting blogger group, count me in. Once I get some photos uploaded on my blog, I’m going to start a separate thread/page solely devoted to quilting. I’ve only just started working on my third quilt, but I’m addicted and have about five future projects waiting patiently for me to get to!

    Re the fabrics, I bought 18 or so fat quarters in various light grey and black prints. The most adorable one has drawings of riding boots, crops, jackets and helmets. My plan is to do a scrap 9 patch in the grey tones and whites that go with my current bed set. I’ll be sure to post photos!

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