Suffering but getting things done.

This last week has been spent getting progressively sicker. My fiancee and I are both suffering from the throat virus thing thats been going around and basically there isnt much sleeping going on so we’re tired and snotty. I’ve been keeping up the craft though and knit up a super long scarf for a visiting friend in a few days with some nobbly acrylic and two odd sized needles. I love the way it turned out so much that I’m going to go buy more yarn and make myself one! in black though… because I dont wear enough black šŸ™‚

In other much more exciting news – my sewing machine arrived last night! Finally! Due to the ‘feeling like death’ I left it in the box for 12+ hours before releasing it from all the foam and cardboard… and now its sitting all pretty and shiny on my clean crafting desk. I’m going to wait till later today to actually sew something with it.

While I was staring at the sewing machine box last night I was also getting started on the NIN Presence illusion knit scarf for my boy. He’s been banging on about how I haven’t made him anything so I thought why not continue as I always have for him and challenge myself! So illusion knitting it is! I got about 20 rows in before I realised I was totally counting incorrectly and although the image was working it was going to look b0rked when it was finished. So it got frogged (rip it rip it) and I’ve just finished creating a clearer pattern and am ready to start again (using the cute short #8 needles I picked up at Lincraft today).

I’ll post a link to my version of the pattern once I’ve gotten permission from the original creater.


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