Getting some sleep

I realised today that the reason I was hesitant to sew anything with my new machine was that I hadn’t had enough sleep and my brain was broken. I took the day off work today and after seeing the doctor, sleeping for an extra 8 hours and drinking almost 3 litres of water I pulled out a pattern I’ve been wanting to make up for a while now.

A sleep mask!

I’ve always had difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep… especially during the day. Now I needn’t worry anymore!

The pattern is one I got from the Burda Style website but unfortunately doesnt have any real instructions. This isnt too much of a problem because it is truely a simple project but I thought I’d do a bit of a tutorial for those that may be just beginning and not too sure of the way to approach this.

Please note, this is not my pattern and there is no ‘correct’ way to make it up. This is just how I’ve gone about it.

Burda Style – Marcel

1. Place pattern on top of all fabrics at once and pin in place. Seam allowance is included in the pattern so now additional measuring is required.

Top layer – Quilters cotton
Middle – Purple quilters cotton
Bottom – Cream thin fleece – DOUBLED

2. Cut two 3cm wide x 20cm long strips of cotton for elastic casing. Stitch the two

pieces of cotton together on the short seam and iron in half with right sides facing.

4. Stitch the long edge and then turn in the right way using a bodkin or needle. Thread elastic through casing and stitch at both ends to secure.

5. Attach the casing with elastic threaded through to the top two layers of fabric. Pin an inch in from the edge but ensure that the casing overlaps the edges to allow for sewing of all layers together.

6. Pin the two layers of fleece to the top fabrics right side leaving a gap at the top for turning. Note the casing should overlap the edges.

7. Sew around the edge of the eye mask ensuring you get all layers. Leave the gap at top for turning.

8. Snip around the curves and the nose shaping to allow for turning.

9. Once you have turned in the right way press the remaining seam and stitch. At this stage you can stitch around the entire eye mask if you wish. I have chosen to leave it once the remaining seam was stitched.

10. Have a good nights sleep!

Click the photos for larger images.


4 responses to “Getting some sleep

  1. Oooh, great project. I just linked over from Craft and love your blog. You might have the cutest banner in blogland!

  2. Hi there Rachel! Thanks for clicking over.

    Thats Cider in my banner… she is entirely adorable.

  3. Great project! The mask is adorable!

  4. You’re amazing.

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