k2tog – the secret is out!

Last night I was involved in a soft attack on the city! In a group of 20 or so people we graffiti’d trams, seats, chains, bolts, poles and many other things with football team coloured pieces of knitting all in the name of art and Melbourne Fringe Festival.

There were over 700 pieces of fabric made by women (and some men i’m sure) all over Victoria and some of the pieces were so intricate it was difficult for us to think about them being ruined…

I’ve just been to the media call / get together and it was wonderful to see all the knitting in the daylight with the passing street traffic being surprised… I’m yet to see a tram in action but after work i’ll make my way out to Swanston St armed with my phone camera to get some photos.

Heres the creative director talking it up on the abc


and a short video on the age website



3 responses to “k2tog – the secret is out!

  1. Absolutely brilliant! I smiled all the way home on the tram.

  2. I saw your contribution on the Number 8 tram and thought I would say hello. It definitely brightened up a normally dull tram ride down Lygon Street!

  3. It was pretty awesome huh Lauren!

    And thanks Gabrielle, I didnt get to see my work installed but it was just such a treat to be part of this project!

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