A short trip to the island

A couple of weekends ago my future family in law whisked my fiancee and I down to Tassie to visit for a few days. It was a lovely break and so wonderful to catch up with them again… As it turns out it might be the new year before we see them again.

While we were down there I got alot of sleeping done (I always sleep when I’m on holidays!) but also went down to the Salamanca Markets in Hobart. I must admit I was a little dissapointed by the markets, I had thought there would be more handmade crafts than there were… There were quite a few but still, nothing I hadnt seen anywhere else… I did see one lady that was selling little wooden knitting needles but I had no cash so will need to pick them up next time we’re down.

We met up with a few friends for lunch while we were in Hobart and went to a delightful little cafe, Tricycle (they dont have their own website that I can find…) My chai came out in a tea service with a pot of honey and little jug of soy milk. The breakfast dishes were delish! and the sun stayed out long enough for us to eat!

In Launceston I was also able to drop into the patchwork shop ‘The Quilt Patch‘ (blog seems to be dead but the shop is well and truely alive!) and had just enough time to run into the ribbons and lace shop directly opposite (will update with the name once I find the business card). I didnt make any purchases since we were travelling with hand luggage only but am looking forward to being able to buy up a storm when we visit for longer.

We had planned to go back for the christmas / new year break but it seems we’re staying put this year! Should be good though, I’ll get to make christmas food! YUM!

One response to “A short trip to the island

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t stop by me, I make/ design all my gear and I’m sure it would have lifted your spirits =). The market is massive now, there is alot of handcraft there but it can be diffcult to recognise amongst all the other…How can I put it politely?…Stalls that don’t sell local produce. Hope I see you next time. Nerine

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