Sisterly love…

I’ve been pushing myself a bit lately to concentrate more on my studies. I’m trying to get back into schooling in an effort to get a diploma by the end of next year. Unfortunately its turning out to be more of an effort than I first thought but the end result will be worth it! So, in order to do this I’ve been locking myself inside on these wonderful spring weekends and working on assignments.

I’m not one of these people that can just sit there for six hours and throw out a 2000 word piece on event venue selection criteria… I like to stop every now and then for a brain break or I’ll go insane or die of boredom… So on the weekend what I did was this…


I used the wonderful Allsorts pattern and some remnant felt I had laying about with the fantastic random retro spot fabric I was going to use for a quilt but have decided against in preference for random craft projects.

I also made a few short trips out into the world, one for halloween goodies. We’re having a party at our house and needed supplies! Spotlight also featured in my weekend highlights! Mainly because the Brunswick store has freezer paper for $1.50/mtr and secondly because random quilting fabrics were reduced to $3/mtr! I stocked up on some more stash building half metres and got a few extra colours of felt to make more stuffies with.

But best of all my trips (gosh it sounds like I was hardly at home all weekend!) was to the Sister Market at Brunswick Town Hall. I got to meet the delightful (and oh so understanding of just how busy we all are) Shannon who has decorated the walls of my study with two of her custom drawing/collages, aided in my stash building with her gorgeous fabrics and now covered the tootsies of my best friends little boy with some oh so cute fabric shoes!

I also picked up the latest issue (and issue 5 that I some how missed!) of MixTape Zine from Justine who was quilting away at her very hungry caterpiller quilt. Once I’d made these two purchases I realised I was pushing my limits for outside time allowances and made my way home to hit the books again.

I’m almost looking forward to this weekends self imposed exile! I’ve got a few Spool Birdies cut out ready to put together and some christmas gifts to prepare for.

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