Handstitching as relaxation

With life being a little bit stressful lately I’ve been doing a few handstitchery type things to try and relax. I take my little paper bag with my cotton, snips and needles on the tram with me and just stitch away. My fiancee likes to pretend he doesnt know me when I’m doing this but I know he likes that I’m doing something I love… well at least I’m hoping he does 🙂

Last week I worked on another little spotty scotty this time for a friend. He’s white with black circles and has the most gorgeous blue eyes. I’m still working on his collar so photos arent available yet. I dont want him out in public undressed! I also whipped up a birdie, but again, still naked so no photos.

This week I’m going to use Ferns Creepy Critters pattern to offset the just plain creepy halloween stuff that is invading my house in preparation for our first halloween party. I think I might make them into little stuffies and hang them by the ears in the doorway.

So theres a photo for you all… heres a pic of my button tin!

I’ve made a habit of buying the little bags of buttons my local opshop sells and was able to find a cute old butter cookies tin with a pressed lid to hold them in. When combined with my bag-o-buttons bought from spotlight and all the buttons I’ve collected from clothing purchases over the years its pretty darn full! so I might be on the look out for another tin soon!

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