Late night craftiness

I just got home from a movie (its my fiancees birthday and he got to pick the movie so we saw Rocknrolla) and have an insane urge to try and get a top sewn to wear to work tomorrow!

Thats right folks. Its 10.30pm and I’m starting to sew!

I picked up the material for $4/mtr at spotlight on the weekend. Its so cute! I like to think of the pattern as trees of love… seeing as they are little hearts in the tops. I also got a really nice button in case I decide to tackle a yoke neck instead of elastic.

mobile phone for scale 🙂

I’ve not sewn with a silky fabric before and if the effort it took to cut it out is any indication i’m not sure if I’ll get it finished or not. I’ve located a ballpoint needle for my machine, i have new thread and the cats are occupied downstairs so at least I’ll have some peace and quite while I attempt this!

Photos will follow if I’m succesful!

2 responses to “Late night craftiness

  1. Haha, I love it! You think just like me! Did it get finished? Very pretty fabric indeed!

  2. i did finish it! and wore it to work the next day…

    Altered 3835

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