Hexagon Crazy!

A year or so ago I bought on ebay a partially finished 8″ hex quilt top that had a bunch of extra pieces just waiting to be sewn together… It was about twenty dollars and I thought it would take me no time at all to finish! ha! my sewing machine died about a month after I received it and i just put it back in the cupboard and promptly forgot about it.

Now, at work last week I was arranging the team christmas party and have locked in a picnic in the park. So when I was plotting the details I realised that I still havent finished my quilt and since it was always meant to be a picnic quilt then maybe this would be the time to get it done! This weekend I pulled it out and realised that it is so close to finished that I will do it!!

I laid it out on the bed with the checked seersucker table cloth i got for the backing, added a double layer of batting and a blue tarpauline for waterproofness. I sewed a few straights for the tarp to tablecloth layer so they dont move around so much while i’m quilting and started on the quilting of the top. Its hard going!

I counted an extra 34 hexes as well and I’ve decided to stitch them together and make little reusable napkins! I’ve made three so far! the rest are started but they are so fiddly… good for short bursts at the machine though.

The best part about all this sewing is that I’ve had to clear off my sewing table! Its now so pretty and clean, I’m inspired to keep on sewing instead of getting annoyed at having no space to work. Christmas presents and other random crafting will start next weekend!!!

3 responses to “Hexagon Crazy!

  1. Oh, I will be interested to see how this looks when done Charm. And also how it washes etc. I’ve been wanting to make a nice picnic rug for years but never quite managed to get around to it.

  2. That’s a great idea to put a tarpauline in the middle. I have been thinking of making a picnic rug and the best idea I’d had to date was to sew ripstop nylon to the back. I like your idea much better.

    PS. I was just reading the comment you left for me about the hailstones … thinking “hail, what hail?” … when huge chucks of ice started bouncing off the roof! Freaky.

  3. its tough to sew but i think it will be the longest lasting solution… i want this to be a blanket that can be used for years!

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