Christmas crafting in full swing!

I started buying up fabrics and bit&bobs for my christmas crafting projects a few weeks ago and although I have started on two other projects it was my third that came together easiest! I was asked to make santa sacks for my niece and nephews (aged 7, 4 and 2) this year which I was super keen to do. I’ve never really sent presents over to them but this year was planning to try and do something for them when their mum rang. Perfect timing! I was actually in Spotlight when she asked! Grabbed myself a roll of calico and a half metre of some nice christmassy fabric then got the heck out because it wasnt pay day for another week 🙂

Last night I started cutting and imagining how it was all going to come together when I thought, bugger it, just start sewing! So I did and tonight I was able to finish off the prototype! Its for my best friends son who is only six months old, but its never too early to get started on Christmas!

Tomorrow night I will do all the appliques for the remaining 4 (maybe 6 if I get energetic as a friend at work said she wouldnt mind some for her kids) then I’m going to space out the rest of the sewing over a few nights so it doesnt seem so tiresome! I might even make a bit a tutorial on this project and post to Craft Blog for a change!

4 responses to “Christmas crafting in full swing!

  1. that looks sooo good!

  2. you like? i’ll photograph as i go for the rest and write up a tutorial. its got french seams!!

  3. They are awesome. The kids will treasure them forever. Lucky them.

  4. go for it, I’ve been meaning to get a french seams tut up for ages!

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