I’m stitching along! are you?

I think it was about a week ago that Pip at MeetMeAtMikes posted about her stitchalong and I straight away knew this would be my relaxation project for the run up to christmas… I’d overbooked myself with a promise to only make gifts this year and was already starting to stress out! What better way to relax than to get ONE MORE! project underway.

I turned to my walk in robe / craft stash closet and looked for some calico but came out with some teal blue cotton I had purchased for lining skirts and my bag of floss eager to get started… I printed out the pattern and added my name to the Stitch Along then left it for a few days. When I came back to it I had a fading marker and my embroidery hoop ready to go!

Sorting through my floss is a great joy to me and now that I have so much of it the choices are never ending! I pulled a few colours that I liked and put them in little cloth bag to keep them safe then traced out the little boy pattern. Since I’m not much of a traditionalist I started making changes to him pretty much as I was tracing.

My little boy has come out sporting some wider leg jeans and a pair of chuck taylors and now I’m working on a band shirt and a funky hat but photos of that will have to wait till Pips next update as I want some fancy new stitches to play with!

One response to “I’m stitching along! are you?

  1. Nice start! I already finished mine, using only backstitch. I think my lines were too thin, so next time I’ll use chain stitch or thicker thread.

    Mery Christmas!

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