Running out of time!

As I’m sure you’re aware… Christmas is coming! and its not taking the long way or stopping for a carton of milk! its now only TEN days away!

Sorry to shout just then but I need to give myself a bit of a wake up because I have completed only 1 gift and there are many more I need to get done.

Unfortunately over the weekend I was distracted by the leaking sieve others like to call the house I live in… and also organising my teams christmas party for work. The rain has slowed and the party is over so now I have no excuses! I need to get stuck into my sewing!

I did get a tutorial written over the weekend though that has been posted to CraftBlog today… yay for french seams!

Heres a list of the handmade gifts I am planning on having completed by the end of the weekend;

  • 3 x Santa Sacks for my eldest brothers children
  • 1 x Santa Sack for my youngest brothers child
  • 2 x Santa Sacks for my work mates children (this can be the last gift completed as it does not require posting!)
  • 1 x Ovenmit set for Dans nan
  • 1 x Patchwork pillow case for Dans brother
  • 1 x Sleep Mask and drawer sachets for Dans mum
  • 1 x ???? for Dans Dad – SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!

I also was trying to work out what to make Dan but I’m struggling and think I may just buy him something.

Thankfully the santa sacks are all started and the fabric for the others has been washed, dried and ironed… I just need to sit down in front of my machine and stay there till they are all finished!!!

Wish me luck! I hope you get all your gift making completed too!

2 responses to “Running out of time!

  1. Erg! That’s a tough question. Does Dan’s dad wear ties? Could you sew him one in a really cool fabric? Wish I had a pattern to send your way. The Workroom (my fav sewing place) has a tie workshop, but sadly I’ve never taken it (oh, and it’s half-way around the world from you!).

    Other than that, mittens? Scarf? A cool CD mix of his favorite music?

    And… best wishes for a Merry Christmas!

    • I think I’m going to go with a BBQ apron with built in stubby (beer bottle) holder! made from fabric i thrifted that has his favourite football team logo on it.

      The tie workshop sounds awesome! I’d probably travel to your side of the world to go to it 🙂 Theres a similar type place here, Thread Den. I havent been yet but I’m hoping to go next year to some of their classes… a zipper one if possible!

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