Holidays are over!

I’m heading back to work tomorrow and have spent most of my afternoon cleaning up my craft room / office. I bought a bookcase for the room and a few storage boxes so that I can organise and be more efficient… so far, so good. I’m liking the results… but what I’m not liking is the realisation that I still haven’t finished my christmas gifts!

I was able to get all the kids santa sacks done and sent out to their respective homes but the other gifts… not so much. It didn’t help that we had some serious flooding from the storms in our area. My room was the one most effected and I’m still fearful that it will rain again and the carpet will be a pool once more!

What I have been able to get done though is some crafting in preparation for next Christmas! This year we didn’t decorate the house and our gifts ended up wrapped and placed under the candle holder on the bookcase… Next year I plan to have so many decorations!!

Christmas Paper Decorations

The internet has been brimming with handy little projects for christmas decorating and I’ve been focusing on the ones using recycled paper. I stopped at our local Savers and got a couple of old books and instead of throwing the Coles Christmas Cookbook in the bin after I scanned the recipes I wanted I put it aside to transform.

I had to buy a few small tools (the cutting mat and blades) but I already had a circular graphic punch to make the garlands and I have more embroidery floss than any normal girl needs (i’m not normal *g*) so the overall cost of this exercise has come to about $10 and its something I can work on more through the year as I find more fun paper decorations to make.

The Folded Christmas Tree was found at Hoppo Bumpo (original idea from her sister) and the Origami Wreaths were courtesy of Domesticali (I’ve since used my sewing machine to secure the wreaths with all manner of patterns in red cotton).  Garlands and snowflakes were inspired by shop windows and many christmasses past…

I hope your christmas was calm and cheerful… and that you’re new year is shaping up nicely 🙂

I’d best be off to bed so I’m not tired on the first day back…

One response to “Holidays are over!

  1. Hey hoop twin! Thanks for stopping by my blog, the monkey fabric was from but I bought it quite a while ago and I’m not sure if they still have it in stock. It’s a linen/cotton blend and I think is originally from Japan.

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